08.03.2013 - Top Rating 1
Award for our company performance

Also for 2013 our company was distinguished by the credit inquiry agency Hoppenstedt with the top rating 1.

11.12.2012 - NEWS - NEWS - NEWS - NEWS - NEWS - NEWS - NEWS - NEWS
New address for Stanzwerk Pilz GmbH & Co. KG
The new address for Stanzwerk Pilz GmbH & Co. KG is:

Stanzwerk Pilz GmbH & Co. KG
Postfach 1265
D - 27779 Wildeshausen

New telephone-numbers:

Heinz-Konrad Cox: 0049 4431-895-65 or 0049 162-1007119
Paul Post: 0049 4431-895-52 or 0049 162-1007114
Bogdan Szymanski: 0049 4431-895-92 or 0049 160-97896394

Fax-number: 0049 4431-895-99.

19.09.2012 - innovative High-Speed-Kiss-Cut punching system
We expanded our production

Isolation, seals, temperature control or shielding, decoration or sound insulation - we punch for you parts out of non-metallic materials.

We expanded our production processes for the production of punching parts by an innovative High-Speed-Kiss-Cut punching system.

The products, which are produced with this new method, are usually self-adhesive punching parts on roll.

With this opportunity it is possible to economize your production processes for example by automatically applications. Also deformations of the punching parts are avoided because they are delivered on roll.

The material and the adhesive film are adjusted on your requirements. It is possible to remove punching scraps and material frames.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

27.06.2012 - Award
Top Rating 1

The "Top Rating 1" is an award for german companies, which are rated on a scale from 1 to 6 in the sector credit status.
Only 4,4% of 4,7 Mil. companies in germany got this excellent result, also the Grashorn & Co. GmbH.
The company Hoppenstedt, Hamburg - Germany, conducts the rating permanently.

more informations Hoppenstedt CreditCheck

25.03.2012 - Changing in the management of Grashorn & Co. GmbH
A new general manager for the Grashorn & Co. GmbH
In the begin of march change the general management of Grashorn & Co. GmbH in Wildeshausen. Since this time Mr. Volker Winterhoff (46) is assigned with the general management of the operational business.

Mr. Winterhoff has an extensive technical education in tools and plastics divisions. He commands about long lasting experiences in different companies for plastics and achieve big knowledge by a further study.

He was for a long time technical manager for a producer from logistic solutions in Schüttdorf.

15.12.2009 - Company News
Initiative to increase efficiency in difficult economic times

The worldwide financial and economic turbulences influence also our business. During these economic difficult times, it is imperative that we maximize all potential opportunities within our group.

Therefore, our management board has made the decision to concentrate the production of our core business “gaskets and stamping parts” in Wildeshausen.

We thank you for your understanding and appreciate your support concerning this move. With the expected synergy effects we intend to assure our shares in the highly competitive markets for the long term.

For future contact and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact

Mr Heinz Cox                                      plant manager                   ph.: 0049 (0)2831 9394-20
Mr Paul Post                                      sales support                     ph.: 0049 (0)2831 9394-22
Mr Bogdan Szymanski                    quality assurance               ph.: 0049 (0)2831 9394-29
at our sales office in Geldern.

Yours faithfully
Grashorn & Co. GmbH / Stanzwerk Pilz GmbH & Co. KG
01.04.2009 - Newspaper Wildeshausen
life-long teamwork
WILDESHAUSEN - In a small ceremony will be given flowers to the person celebrating its 40th anniversary at Grashorn Company: Miss Irmgard Mehrle from Wildeshausen started her career on the 1st of April 1969 with an apprenticeship in business. Since then she is a loyal employee of Grashorn Company. For years she has been working in the sales department for spinning cans. Moreover, she is the personal assistant of the General Manager.

Mr. Heinrich Fasche also belongs 45 years to the company. He started his apprenticeship as a toolmaker on the 1st of April 1964. In 1987 he changed from the tool making department to the CNC-plastic processing.
22.12.2008 - News
Company holidays
The Grashorn Company will be closed between the 22nd of December 2008 and the 9th of January 2009. In urgent matters, please get in touch with your contact person via Email or mobile.
01.08.2008 - News from the company
Participation at Fair Company initiative
Since the 1st of August 08 we support the initiative „Fair Company“ because we favour a fair treatment of young talents. Therefore we stand to the following rules:

Fair Companies like Grashorn Plastics...
  • do not substitute full-time permanent vacancies with internees or trainees.
  • do not put university graduates off with an internship if they applied for a permanent position,
  • do not sniggle trainees with a vague promise on a subsequent permanent employment
  • offer internships primarily for professional orientation during training stage.
  • pay internees an adequate remuneration.
We are always looking for competent young talents. Just contact us!
25.07.2008 - News from the Grashorn Plant
25th company anniversary
Miss Elke Dierks celebrates today, the 25th of July 2008 a special anniversary in our company. She has been with us for 25 years now.
We thank her for the faithful cooperation and hope for many more successful years together.
09.05.2008 - News from the office
25th anniversary
Since may 2008 Hubert Schlüter is able to look back at 25 years of affiliation with our company Grashorn & Co. GmbH.

After graduating from high school and university he started his career on the 9th of  may 1983 in the department of the vulcanized fiber production. His responsabilities were testings on the laboratory scale among others. After termination of this branch of production he changed to the quality assurance department and is since 1991 after further training the head of this department.

We are deeply grateful for his long-time loyalty to our company. 
20.04.2008 - Quality Management
Successful Audit from Semikron
In march our customer Semikron, the world`s leading independent manufacturer of power electronics, were able to assure himself of our productive efficiency of our quality management. We were rated with 97% by his supplier audit. 
02.04.2008 - Newspaper of Wildeshausen
40 years working for Grashorn

Peter UtikalNEWSPAPER OF WILDESHAUSEN - The sales representative, Peter Utikal, celebrated a special anniversary in his career. Since April 1, 1968, he has been working with Grashorn Plastics in Wildeshausen. The local from Wildeshausen began his business career in purchasing after graduating from school and a two-years apprenticeship as industrial clerk. Since then, he has been faithful working with Grashorn. In 1980 he got a qualification in materials management. Until 1998 he worked in purchasing, and now after ten years in sales he contributed with reliable assistance to Grashorn.
01.04.2008 - Sales partner
New sales representative on the Iberian peninsula
After the liquidation of our former representation, Astec 2000, in the end of 2007 we have successfully built new coorporation with Sertek (Serra Global Technology SL) as our sales representative for Spain and Portugal.

We are looking forward to a successful continuity and expansion of our customer contacts ...
06.03.2008 - Quality Management
Successful surveillance audit
Successful surveillance audit after DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 on the 6th and 7th of March 2008 in Wildeshausen und Geldern
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